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10 Great Financial Literacy Sites for your classroom!

By: SmartChoiceMoms Team

school-73497_1280When the SmartChoiceMoms team is not blogging –we are out at schools teaching kids about money. So we know a thing or two about financial literacy resources. We also understand that sometimes your lesson plan just isn’t finished without the perfect worksheet or an awesome video. We’ve got you covered.

Check out this list of great financial literacy resources from the site below:

  1. for Teachers –
  2. Helping Your Family Save Money
  3. Ideas for Teachers –
  4. Money Management for Teens
  5. Parents and Kids and Money –
  6. School-Based Bank Savings Programs (PDF)
  7. U.S. Mint for Teachers
  8. Activities: U.S. Currency – Education Materials
  9. Guide: Money Smart – A Financial Education Program
  10. Lesson Plan: Money Math: Lessons for Life

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