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Lifehacker’s Amazing List of Money Saving Tips

By Charlene Fadirepo is an awesome website. They cover incredibly useful stories on ways to save you TIME and MONEY. Bravo to Eric Ravenscraft from for putting this amazing list of a full year’s worth of financial/money saving tips and tricks. (This list is so great, I’m almost giddy..)

Still on the fence? Here is what you will learn...

  • Ever wondered the Best Time and Day to Book Airlines tickets?
  • Ever wondered what to buy and what not to by at Costco?
  • Ever wondered how to eat well on $35 a week?
  • Ever wondered how much $100 is really worth in every state?
  • Ever wondered the best 5 Reward Credit Cards?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to have a living wage calculator that told you exactly how much money you needed to support your family?

Yep..take 15 minutes out of your day to read the entire article. You will thank me later.

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