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5 Key Money Principles GraphicWe encourage parents to be focused and deliberate about creating the best money learning environments for their children. We believe that money doesn’t grow on trees, and lessons don’t get learned unless they are taught. So here are our 5 key money principles that form the foundation of our lessons and common sense approach to teaching kids about money.

We encourage you to adopt these five key money principles and integrate them into your family life:

 Principle #1 I will teach my children how to develop a healthy money habits, so that they can make smart informed choices with their money. 

 Principle #2: I will become a lifelong learner when it comes to financial literacy and personal finance.

Principle #3:  I will forgive myself (and/or my spouse) for any money related mistakes in the past, and look forward to a creating strong financial future for myself and my family. 

Principle #4:  I will embrace technology as a means to help organize my financial life. 

Principle #5: I will to work toward raising a family that is financially independent, debt-free, and socially responsible with their money.

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