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By Charlene Fadirepo

Hurray! We are so excited to be able to launch our official blog! After one very long and busy year of teaching financial literacy classes, attending events, and getting smart on the industry –we have finally carved out our space in the fin. lit. online world. We are thrilled to be here and especially thrilled to celebrate financially empowered parenthood! 

As a veteran in the financial literacy space, I have been teaching financial literacy classes for children and adults for nearly 15 years now. I think I have always had an inkling that it was something that I passionate about. But it wasn’t until I had my first son, Ayo, that the inkling turned into “fire in your belly” passion! There is something about having a child, that totally transforms your thinking! Aside from the fact that I just didn’t have time to be self-centered anymore— I realized that I didn’t even care about focusing on my own wants and needs. Everything that I wanted to do going forward was for the benefit of my son. And I wanted to be able to teach him the wonderful and practical money and life lessons that I learned as a child. And I also wanted other parents and teachers to be able to teach these lessons to their kids and students. It is my hope that my son to  grows up to be financially independent, debt free, and socially responsible –so that he has the peace of mind, body, and spirit to change the world!

In 2013, while on maternity leave with Ayo, ( between breast feeding, pumping, changing poopy diapers, and getting zero sleep), I launched the $, a financial literacy social enterprise firm committed to building a nation of youth well equipped to make smart money choices. Later that year, I also launched $martChoiceNation Gives, a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to providing free financial literacy classes to students with the greatest needs. And finally, shortly there after I started working on on $, an online community that celebrates financially empowered parenthood, based on my passion to empower parents — especially mothers to take control of their financial lives. And after a year of planning and organizing, $  is ready for readers!

Please note -this blog represents my personal views on financial issues and it is meant to be used for informational purposes only!

So feel free to check out my blog, follow me on twitter and feel free to comment. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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