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Girl Scouts Sell Cookies and Get Plastic Dough

KindergardenscanvanowatermarksI just came across a great article about a partnership between a local North Carolina Girl Scout troup and a financial services company called SpendSmart, Inc. SpendSmart Inc sells nifty prepaid Mastercard cards that come with cool apps where parents can monitor and track their child’s spending. The best part of all is that with the two organizations working together, the Girls Scouts and their parents will undergo a customized financial literacy training curriculum, facilitated by SpendSmart. I know what you are thinking –yes.. this is somewhat of a self-serving partnership allowing SpendSmart the opportunity to have thousands of young fresh little eyeballs to look and possibly use their debit card products BUT at least SpendSmart is taking the time to supplement their marketing efforts with education. Also SpendSmart’s products are noted to be parent friendly, and they allow easy transaction monitoring and control via a range of mobile devices. I would argue that SpendSmart and other firms like it typically find a way to reach young fresh eyeballs regardless, so kudos to this financial services organization for pairing their marketing efforts with literacy and education. Our little girls need it.

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